Tuesday, 23 February 2016

A Fashion Thought: Nature versus Nurture in your Fashion Evolution!

A strange thought to have at 11.30pm on a Tuesday evening but this is the type of procrastination my mind loves to debate on a weekday night when it knows I have to be up early for work in the morning. Nature v's nurture is such a widely discussed topic, but It got me thinking how does it effect your fashion decisions! 

As a baby style is not yet a pleasant thought or even a worry. All decisions I would assume are made by your parent / guardian leaving you open to serious fashion faux pas as per the below.


Still under 10 years old most decisions are made for you, it's only as you get slightly older you may start to build an opinion and make that known. Take myself for example who wouldn't wear anything but "pretty" dresses between the ages of two and three! 

Where my thought of nature v's nurture comes in however is the fact that my wardrobe as I got older definitely followed a trend. Even when I started to be able to pick my own clothes I religiously followed the trends that my parents had set for me, long into into secondary school. Was this then the effect of nature? that just because my Father picked t-shirts and jeans for me that I continued this trend, even to this day I still love a slogan tee and a pair of comfortable jeans! 

It was only when I reached the age of 15 (with the help of magazines) did I even consider trying different looks and begin to nuture a style. Could this really be a factor in fashion? It might explain why some like to follow current fashion trends, others play it safe and a brave few completely brake the mould and create their own individual look! 

Unfortunately I don't have the answers to this debate, however it is definitely an interesting thought and as the nature vs nurture debate continues in other topics as will I continue to wonder about its place in fashion!

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