Sunday, 16 October 2016

Molloy & Sons Donegal Tweed returns to Primark

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It isn't common place for me to post about Men's fashion, however I couldn't ignore the brilliant Menswear available at Primark / Penneys this season. It's definitely worth taking a peak at, I for one will without doubt be telling the men in my life all about it and sharpish as I predict this will be flying off the rails.

Onto the good stuff... Two exclusive collections are launching in store this October. With affordable prices (although higher than the usual Penneys clothing) and items ranging from coats to three piece suits you can't go wrong. 

The first of the two collections is Molloy & Sons Donegal Tweed. This Irish company is returning to Primark for a second time. The pieces are extremely versatile, fashion conscience or not this collection will please all! The tweed suit comes in a traditional ‘Barleycorn’ weave. While other pieces have taken on a modern update to the traditional tweed.  

The second collection is Italian Wool. I love that Primark have sourced the material from a heritage woollen mill outside Biella from the Lanificio Del Fusero label and the suits are super stylish!

Italian Wool: Suit Jacket €80 / Trousers €45 / Waistcoat €35 /

Italian Wool: Suit Jacket €80 / Trousers €45 / Jumper €22 /

Italian Wool: Suit Jacket €80 / Waistcoat €35 /

Italian Wool: Suit Trousers €45 / Jumper €16 /

Italian Wool: Suit Jacket €80 / Trousers €45 / Waistcoat €35 / 

Molloy & Sons Donegal Tweed: Herringbone Coat €140 / 

Molloy & Sons Donegal Tweed: Blazer €95 / Tweed Trousers €65 / Waistcoat €50 / 

Molloy & Sons Donegal Tweed: Relaxed Blazer €95 / Relaxed Trousers €65

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