Monday, 10 October 2016

My Top Bridal Pyjama Picks: To ensure the bride and bridal party are photo-ready

Hey Everyone,

Lately I have been doing (potentially) a little too much online shopping, with ASOS being the biggest hit on my purse. Which is how I noticed that even though we have very recently been plummeted into autumn, ASOS still have an impressive range of pyjamas perfect for those looking to be camera ready the morning of their wedding. 

This year has seen a huge rise in the "bridal party matching pjs" trend... I should know I trawled the web looking for robes for my bridesmaids. So, I've collated my favourites for you into pairs, an option for the bride and an option for the bridesmaids. 

Kicking it off with my favourites of the group, I'm slightly jealous that these weren't available when I got married. They are so pretty with the large floral prints and the option of two colours means the bride can have one while the bridal party has the other, making for great photos of you all getting ready. The tops are also button down meaning you won't ruin your hair or makeup when it comes to getting dressed. 

Bridal robes seem to be the most popular option, especially in the summer months. It also happened to be what I opted for when I got married. These two pink variations are cute, girly and comfortable. They also have an option for the bride and the bridesmaids due to the embroidered font on the back.

These are a stylish and comfortable (which is so important for that morning, don't forget you will probably be in a huge dress for the rest of the day) option. They would be great for a Autumn/Winter wedding and are the cosiest choice from my picks. Again there are two colours to choose from so the bride has dibs on putting everyone in the same, or making herself stand out by wearing the second colour. 

If you are looking for a fun and quirky alternative these would be perfect. Bridal, Barbie/90s rolled into one. The 'Here comes the bride' set is on sale at the moment so move fast to avoid disappointment.

If you're steering away from tradition on the big day another quirky choice are the 'Confetti queen' and 'Team bride' pyjamas. These would also be great for any younger members of the bridal party, who might not suit the more formal pyjama wear. 

The only non ASOS pyjamas to make the cut are these traditional top and short sets. Perfect for a relaxed, on-trend and classic look. There is however a twist, as the River island top has an interesting cutout back detail.

And there we have it, my top picks to ensure the bride and her bridesmaids are photo ready the morning of the wedding. There are even more options available, of course these aren't just for those about to walk down the aisle... I for one will definitely be ordering the floral pyjamas as soon as possible! 

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