Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Its not to late to create your own advent calendar!

Unless you've been living under a rock for the past few years, you will know that the craze for advent calendars has taken on a whole knew level of Christmas extravagance. It also shows no signs of slowing down. This year I decided I was finally going to buy into the trend and try out one of the popular brand produced calendars. However, after some research I discovered there wasn't really one out there for me. I either loved the brand, but the products within the calendar were something I already had, or I knew the products wouldn't suit me. To be completely honest, some were just way out of my price range. So I suggested to my husband that this year we make our own.

This idea definitely holds a certain level of nostalgia, as I remember my mum making me an advent calendar filled with Chocolate coins, plastic dress up beads and trolls! I can't wait till December 1st to start opening our homemade calendar. There's still time to create your own, here are my suggestions for how to create your own this year:

I was pleasantly surprised by the offering of calendars on the market, and picked my own up early from H&M (although it is now unfortunately sold out).
This cute 3D Village Advent Calendar from Moss Cottage is the most affordable out of the two options I found. It would also make a great display, by encorporating them into your Christmas decor. Or, up the fun factor by hiding the little boxes around the house for an added "treasure hunt" element!

The second option I've found is a completely different style, it's this very traditional but elegant Square house advent calendar from Zara.

Gifts for him:

As soon as you have worked out your budget it's time to start picking out presents. For the men in your life, mini toiletries, food gifts and even scratch cards are a great option for filling their calendar with things you know they will love. For the whiskey drinker, this Jameson's mini set would be the perfect size to divide over a couple of days. 

Gifts for her:

Again try to stick to a budget, otherwise it's very easy to go crazy when creating your own calendar. Mini toiletries and bath or skin products are always a great idea. Places like Boots have shelves now dedicated to mini's. At this time of year popular makeup brands such as Benefit (like this Benefit Kissy Missye set) and Mac are bringing out sets of miniatures, this is a great opportunity to pick up a few days in one go.

Day 25:
If your budget allows it and your calendar goes up to Christmas day why not add a surprise present in this day. Concert/Cinema tickets, a voucher or something special like a beautiful piece of Juvi designs jewellery. This stunning, personalised and irish made piece would make anyone jump for joy on Christmas morning!

If you've created your own advent calendar this year, I would love to hear what you received! 

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