Friday, 24 February 2017

Afternoon Delight: Afternoon Tea in Seafield Golf and Spa Hotel

Being a foodie over the years I have tried many afternoon tea offerings however, until now it hadn't occurred to me to review my experiences. Therefore, I've decided to create a series (Afternoon Delight) reviewing and sharing my thoughts so that you too might indulge in yumminess.

The trip to Seafeild Hotel and Spa was a treat for my husband's birthday, he loves it there. I had organised the afternoon tea as an extra treat. It is something we can enjoy together, being a food blogger he also likes to compare the teas we have sampled. So here are our scores: 


Cucumber sandwich: 
Shane 2/5 Hannah 3/5 

Smoked salmon: 
Shane 3/5 Hannah 4/5 

Shane 4/5 Hannah 4/5

Ham and relish: 
Shane 4/5 Hannah 2/5 

I'm not ashamed to admit (however boring this may sound) that sandwiches are my favourite part of the tea. Although the smoked salmon tasted delicious, even that didn't quite make this offering live up to my expectations. Everything was pleasant however, something was missing to liven up the offering. Unusually, egg was my favourite (a filling which would have filled mewing dread as a child) but the fresh, quality ingredients made this really tasty! 

Cakes and sweets 

Lemon tart: 
Shane 5/5 Hannah 3/5 

Pistachio and chocolate macaroon: 
Shane 4/5 Hannah 4/5 

Pink meringue and a white chocolate mouse with berries: 
Shane 3/5 Hannah 2/5 

Chocolate biscuit cake: 
Shane 1/5 Hannah 2/5 

Shane 5/5 Hannah 5/5 

The cakes although appetising were not really my thing. The good old traditional scone was by far the best, although modernised with what I could taste as an addition of some lemon. The only other sweet that sparked my interest was another surprise, in that I'm not usually a fan of macaroons; but this nutty, chocolatey, treat was chewy and delicious! 

Shane 4/5 Hannah 4/5 

Overall Average

My scores together with Shane's made a respectable average of 3.3. I couldn't fault the ingredients, which from the taste seemed to be top notch! Not only that but in the beautiful setting of Seafeild you also have the option to enjoy this delicious stand of goodies in the calming spa, what a bonus! 

Lastly I'll mention the price, at €29.95 for two people it is pretty good value for money. There was just the right amount of food. And, as mentioned I really can't fault the food, it just might not have been to my taste. Compared to others I've tried it's definitely up there with the best of them for both quantity and quality ingredients.


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