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Readers or Bloggers with any questions/queries or just for a chat please feel free to comment or contact me via email or twitter! I love hearing from you.

If you are PR, Brand Representatives, or a company that would like to contact me about a product to be reviewed or events please feel free to email me also.

Twitter: @sayersstyleblog
Instagram: @sayersstyle 

I started this blog in December 2011! The majority of products I review on this blog are personally brought by myself, however if I do receive anything to review it is also done so with 100% honesty! This blog is my hobby and something I enjoy doing and therefore I do not alter the truth or my views on something. 
While I am honest in my reviews, they are personal to me so although I might dislike a product that is my personal view on it and does not mean that you would have to same view, or vice versa. 
I am not accountable for purchases made based on the content of my reviews.
I am not affiliated with any brands or companies and give honest impartial views on everything I review! 

From November 2013 onwards all sponsored or PR samples posts will be marked with a * at the end to fully disclaim they were not purchased by myself. I will still be 100% honest and would never recommend or give a good review if I did not like a product. If I don't like a product I simply don't review it!

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